Gatorade Carb Energy Chews

Product Description


More carbs, calories and electrolytes to meet the intense fueling needs of endurance athletes.

Anyone can go the extra mile;This is for those who go the extra five.

Perfect for endurance training athletes.

4 Chews per sleeve, 21 sleeves per Pack.


Designed as fuel for both before and during long-distance training and racing, one package of chews provides carbohydrate energy and electrolytes to help you perform at your peak. Their texture is easy to chew, making them the perfect fuel on the go.


Carbs (31g)

Endurance training and racing forces the body to burn through large amounts of carbohydrate. When levels drop low enough, your muscles rely on fat as an energy source. Because it takes more time to break down fat, muscles won't be able to perform at the same intensity, and your pace will eventually slow down.

Calories (120)

Every calorie helps your cause. Muscles convert carbs into energy that's measured in calories. Maintaining a steady supply of energy, or calories, gives the body what it needs to continue performing.

Vitamins B6 (20% DV)

As part of a daily diet, B vitamins help break down carbohydrates into fuel that muscles can readily use.

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$ 1.99

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