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Triathletes Guide to Run Training

Product Description
The Triathlete’s Guide to Run Training is a comprehensive approach to running and triathlon that will help triathletes run faster after swimming and cycling, and ultimately make them better runners.

Many multisport athletes prepare for their events based on the training conventions of each individual sport—swimming, cycling, and running. These traditional methods are rarely grounded in sports science and are less effective in triathlon, which combines three sports into one unique sport. Faster running begins with improved technique and efficiency. In The Triathlete’s Guide to Run Training, nationally known triathlon and running coach Ken Mierke helps triathletes become faster, more efficient, and stronger runners.

Mierke covers the essentials of training: planning, intensity, periodization, and brick workouts. For some, the true edge is found in other details of preparation, which are thoroughly addressed: reaching optimum race weight, biking to run fast, event-specific challenges, mental skills, strength training, recovery, and injury prevention.
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