BSX Calf Sleeve

Product Description


Want to train smarter? You need insight into what your body's telling you. Professional athletes have long depended on endurance testing in laboratories to gain a competitive advantage.

BSXinsight gives you the same results as a lab test, but uses LED lights instead of needles to look into your muscle. Using patented lactate threshold technology, it measures both your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This gives you a complete snapshot of your athletic ability that lets you optomize training down to an energy system level and track improvements over time. That means no more difficult field tests or painful lab visits.


While laboratory results don’t always translate into training habits and routine blood draws aren’t practical, BSXinsight gives you immediate data that yields powerful results. Leading-edge technology and athlete-based innovation means that your daily training just turned into gold-standard lactate threshold training.

So how does that work? BSXinsight uses LED lights to “look” into the calf muscle. As the light array passes through your muscle tissue, it’s reshaped by chromatophores (or marker characteristics) of your tissue that are unique to you. This creates a biosignal that’s captured and processed by BSX algorithms to generate your unique profile. Analyzing the thousands of signal features generates a lactate threshold value as accurate as blood-based methods.

Vendor : BSX
$ 59.99

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