Nathan AP Pro

Product Description

Designed and built by NATHAN. Tested and approved by Andy Potts. Maximizes energy output efficiency by minimizing drag and turbulence, and allows rider to never untuck from his or her position on the bike.

Watch this helpful video as we show you how to assemble and setup your AP Pro Aerobar Hydration System.

Streamlined horizontal positioning reduces turbulence between your arms
Patent-pending, articulating arms stretch to fit any length or positioning of standard aero bars - no rubber and or zip tie mounts
Molded cage secures bottle while in use
Quick-Fill Port allows you to maintain cadence, stay tucked, and minimize spillage as you refill bottle.
Deck ring allows rider to mount an inspiration board on deck
Flexible straw mast allows for custom set up and positioning of straw
Soft-sip bite valve for controlled access to fluids
Flexible straws can be trimmed to suit your riding position

Vendor : Nathan
$ 45.99

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