Altra Paradigm 1.5 Men's

Product Description

Introducing the Paradigm 1.5™—the only max-cushioned, Zero Drop™ neutral shoe with a FootShape™ toe box. It's the ideal shoe for runners seeking lightweight, max protection that encourages low-impact form. The impressive Zero Drop™ platform features super lightweight, dual-layer EVA foam and an A-Bound™ top layer for a relaxed and protected foot strike. Additional flare on the medial side of the shoe acts like a guidance rail to keep your feet stable when they get tired. The FootShape™ toe box creates an incredibly cozy slip-on feel and superior in-run comfort by letting your toes relax and spread out naturally. Don't sacrifice cushioning for less weight—have both with the new Paradigm 1.5.

  • Increased Reflectivity
  • Improved Upper Design & Durability
  • New Color Options
Weight: 9.7 oz.
Cushioning: Max
Vendor : Altra
$ 91.00 $ 130.00

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