About Us

We love running - that's why we're here! But just because we love it, doesn't mean you have to love it too.  
We want to help you on your running journey, whether you're just trying running out or have been running forever! 

Our mission at Twisted Trails is Personalize - Passion - Community and we strive to meet these goals at all times.

  • Personalize - Each customer can expect to have a sales experience that's tailored to them and their individual needs.  Whether that means a gait analysis, discussion of nagging injuries, talking about your upcoming race strategies, we aim to make each experience unique.

  • Passion – Everyone involved with TTRC is passionate about running, just like our customers. We want you to end up loving running too, and our job is to make your running experience as comfortable as possible.

  • Community - one of our major goals is to build a community of runners here. We want to serve as a focal point for group runs and clinics and also support the local running community through sponsorship of events and teams.