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Summer Running Groups


A few weeks ago, we asked you all for your feedback about our group run schedule... we'll the results are in! We'd like to share some of the results with you and let you in on our new schedule for the summer... 

Count it down

We had a total of 46 people respond to the survey and give us feedback.  We really appreciate all of you that took the time to complete the survey- it gave us lots of great information!

Here's the breakdown of who was interested in which types of runs... 

Type of Run Interested % of Respondents Interested
Coffee 30 65%
Parents 10 22%
Beginner 22 48%
Speed Workout 29 63%
General Group Run 41 89%
Social Events 33 72%


How do you find out about the runs?

We also asked you to tell us how you'd like us to update you on runs, events, etc... 

We got 31 total responses... and it was split with 42 % wanting to use the company FB page and 36% wanting a Twisted Tribe Group page.  Only 2 people wanted to keep the page. So... what we've decided to do is:

  • Start a TT Group Page (Click HERE to Join)
  • Continue to post updates on our main FB page (HERE if you haven't already "Liked" us)
  • Continue to maintain the site for the next 6 months, with the plan to delete the meetup site at that time. 
  • We'll also update the Calendar on our website with the new schedule (It's also got information about clinics, race dates, and other events)


New Schedule

Based on this feedback, we decided to try the following schedule for group runs this summer:

Tuesdays (Speed Days): The Tuesday evening run will transform into a Speed Workout group.  We're still trying to workout whether this will be AM or PM, so please head to our FB Group and answer the poll to let us know which one you'd like. 

Wednesdays (Stmbt Mtn Runners): We'll continue to publish updates on the Steamboat Mountain Runners, and encourage participation in the weekly trail runs on Weds evenings. 

Thursdays (Beer Run): The Beer Run will remain the same, but we'll move it later to a meeting time of 6:15 so that more people (who get off work at 5:30 and 6 can come out and join us).  We'll continue to have the be the runs where we target our product demos and events.  We'll also make this group more beginner-friendly and we'll have a fast-paced group and a slower group for anyone who's new or returning to running and we'll have some run-walk or slower paces available.  This will be a mix of trail and road, depending on conditions and normal mileage will be about 3 miles. 

Saturdays (Coffee Run): Our Saturday run has been a marathon training group for the Steamboat Marathon, but since that's finishing up shortly, we're planning to transform this run into a Saturday morning Coffee Run at 8am.  This will also be a beginner-friendly group, as well as serving as our Parents group too. Feel free to come out with your strollers (one of us will usually be running with our son, Cooper, in one)! Normal mileage will be about 3 miles and will be a mix of trail and road (although, pretty much just road for those with strollers). 

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